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Every traffic package from is designed with your success in mind.  Our unique targeting and delivery methods insure that your website is seen every time, and by visitors who want what you are looking for!  Since we are
the direct source of our traffic, you can rest assured that we maintain the highest quality traffic for each of our customers.  After all, the more success you have, the more we have.  You owe it to yourself to see why we are called 

Our network of over 2500 websites is divided into over 100+ niche market categories.  Not only are these categories extremely targeted, but you can also target your audience in over 30 countries of your choice. 


Testimonial from an Client
" delivered results in a big way! Our Push Ad and YouTube view campaigns dramatically increased our YouTube views and subscribers by even more than promised. Excellent communication and service to boot. Highly recommended. Thank you. We will do business again!"


Testimonial from an Client
"Thank you Aplustraffic for sending my business opportunity, offer Real Tier 1 quality USA and Canada traffic that
converts into leads that convert into sales and made me my first $250.00 Paypal payment.
I would like to say thank you personally to the Customer Service Manager, Mr Davis for his excellent customer service;
he always return my phone calls the same day or next business day to answer any questions that I may have."
-David Ray
Direct Pay 250

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We offer 7 Types of Website Advertising Packages.

1). Push Notification Advertising

Have you ever wanted to reach potential customers immediately, to present them with your time sensitive offer? How about reaching people that can help increase your website engagement by reaching them on multiple devices including mobile phones, desktop and tablet devices? With our Push Notification Advertising (Push Ads), you can test out different offers to get the best response, with over 500 Million people that have opted in to receive push notifications from our network. This ensures high user engagement because you are reaching real people who are your potential customers. This new advertising service works well with almost any advertising vertical as long as your push ad is accurate so users going to your website offer are truly interested in learning more about your offer. We can target almost anywhere worldwide including the United States, UK, Canada and Australia and also target specific States, Provinces and Cities in those countries. 
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2). Category Targeted Visitors

These are targeted visitors that have chosen to see an advertiser's website or advertisement in one of our targeted categories. This is good for introducing a product or service to your customers in order to generate sales or registrations. If you have a site that you would like to target to a specific country such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia
or even Worldwide, this is the package for you. 
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3). Guaranteed Home Business Signups

Are you tired of promoting your home business opportunity and hardly getting anybody to signup for it? 
Stop spending a fortune without getting Results. With our Home Business Signups, we promote your website so people will signup for your offer in Real-Time. Let us take care of getting people to signup for your home business opportunity giving you more time to build and expand your business.
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4). YouTube Views

Do you have a YouTube video you would like to promote? Let us help you reach REAL people that will watch your YouTube video so you can increase your branding and potentially make sales.
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5). Yahoo and Bing All Inclusive Advertising Plans

Studies have shown that the Yahoo and Bing Advertising Network reaches 86% of the entire internet population. If you are not advertising on the Yahoo and Bing Advertising Network, you are potentially loosing out on many sales! Let us
help you reach potential customers so you can turn a profit
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6). Mobile Targeted Visitors

With over 68% of the United States population owning a web-enabled smartphone or tablet, if you have a mobile
website or website that displays properly on smartphones, we can help you reach millions of potential customers.
We can also help you advertise your apps so people will have the opportunity to download them.
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7). Tax Debt Leads

Do you have a Tax Debt Relief, Tax Resolution or Tax Elimination business? We can help you increase your business
profits by providing you with high performing Exclusive Tax Debt Leads. Each person that we send you has at least a minimum $10,000 Tax Debt to either Federal, State or both.
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Testimonial from another Client
"I'm also very happy with the views to my join page and video. This proves in my mind you guys are for real. NONE of
the services I've used have had these results, so depending on my upgrades, I'm gonna keep using you :-)"

-Simon B. (

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