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If you are in need of highly targeted unique traffic, you have come to the right place.  Our system currently offers over 300 quality traffic targets each hand selected to be a perfect match for the categories in our system.  In addition to targeting, you can also geotarget any visitor down to the country of origin.  Our system is set to deliver traffic from all major countries, including the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, China, Germany, New Zealand, Mexico, Asia, Spain, Middle East and many more!

Every campaign consists of unique visitors based on your selections (targeting / geotarget), so don't delay get started today!

Assuming you had a product that people wanted and were willing to pay for and you made a $20 profit on each sale, with a 0.05% response rate (1 sale per 2,000 visitors) the following hypothetical scenario would result:
# of Visitors Advertising Cost Your Sales Profit Your Net Profit Return on Investment (Net Profit/Advertising Cost) x 100
10,000 $59 $100 $41 70%
20,000 $89 $200 $111 125%
40,000 $159 $400 $241 152%
100,000 $369 $1,000 $631 171%
200,000 $699 $2,000 $1,301 186%
500,000 $1,599 $5,000 $3,401 213%
1,000,000 $2,899 $10,000 $7,101 245%
1,500,000 $3,999 $15,000 $11,001 275%
2,000,000 $4,999 $20,000 $15,001 300%

Please note: does not guarantee sales will be generated from your advertising campaign.

Testimonial from an Client
"I noticed that you guys aren't offering more than a 2 million visitors advertising package?  Just curious as to why.  Well, anyways with that said I would like to place 2 more orders..."

Jose Montoya Affiliate

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Start your ad campaign in 6 easy steps:
1) Choose the number of targeted visitors you would like to buy. 
2) Click the "Buy Now" button below your advertising package. 
3) If you have a discount Coupon Code, please click on "Have a coupon?", then enter it and click on "Apply" to apply the coupon. 
4) Enter payment details then click "Submit". 
5) Enter the website you would like to advertise.

6) Once your campaign has been activated in 1 business day, you will receive your login information by email so you can check your stats in real-time.

Note: Making any purchase below clarifies that you have read and agreed to our Terms of Service.

Targeted Traffic Packages
Choose from over 160 targeted categories.  Click here to view the Targeted Categories.

If you are looking for Adult Targeted Traffic, please click here.

You will also be able to target countries such as United States, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, China and more

If you are looking for Paid Signups, please click here. 


5,000 Targeted Visitors           $39 


10,000 Targeted Visitors           $59 

  20,000 Targeted Visitors           $89 

  40,000 Targeted Visitors           $159     Plus you will receive 400 Keyword Targeted Visitors FREE 


  100,000 Targeted Visitors         $369   Plus you will receive 1,000 Keyword Targeted Visitors FREE 


  200,000 Targeted Visitors         $699    Plus you will receive 2,000 Keyword Targeted Visitors FREE


     500,000 Targeted Visitors         $1,599   Plus you will receive 5,000 Keyword Targeted Visitors FREE


    1,000,000 Targeted Visitors      $2,899  Plus you will receive 10,000 Keyword Targeted Visitors FREE 


  1,500,000 Targeted Visitors      $3,999  Plus you will receive 15,000 Keyword Targeted Visitors FREE


2,000,000 Targeted Visitors      $4,999  Plus you will receive 20,000 Keyword Targeted Visitors FREE
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