Got Questions?
If you have questions before you order, please look below at our FAQ area.  In the event you do not find the answer to your question, please contact us.

If you are an existing advertiser, please log into your account and submit a support ticket.


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Where Does Your Traffic Come From? Our traffic comes from a large network of over 2500 websites.  Each site offers a specific niche market and is matched up with related targeting options. 

Is Your Traffic Unique? Our traffic is 24 hour unique.  This means that within a 24 hour period the same person will never see your site again.  In fact most of the traffic you will receive from us will be campaign unique, but for the purpose of guarantees, we have to state 24 hour unique.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Traffic? When you place your order you will be given the option to select a time frame.  This time frame can range between 7 and 60 days.  Campaigns marked for 30 days or less delivery time are guaranteed to be delivered within 30 days.
How Is My Website Shown?
Your website is shown in a full page browser window.  It looks exactly the same as if you typed the website address into your browser. 

What methods do you use to deliver visitors to my site? We use a combination of pop-ups, pop-unders, interstitials, and expired domain traffic.

What if a visitor is using a pop-up blocker? If a visitor has a pop-up blocker, our traffic script will not execute. This means that you will never get counted off for a visitor using a pop-up blocker since no pop-under is ever displayed.

Do you have any restrictions on the content of my site? No illegal content, violence, hate
No warez sites
No activex prompts

What if my hit counter does not show all the traffic I ordered was received? Stat counters vary greatly.  There are many factors why traffic may not show.  We highly recommend a few counters such as which do track and record over 98% of our traffic.  

Does APlusTraffic guarantee sales? cannot guarantee sales or leads on most of our advertising products. We will advertise your website to potential customers, but it is up to your website to convert the potential customer into a sale. The exception is: We guarantee leads if you are purchasing our Realtime Leads service and we can guarantee sales if purchasing our Paid Signups service

How long does it take until my campaign is activated? Campaigns in general take less than 24 hours or one business day to start.  Activations are only done during business hours M-F.  We inspect and scan each account in our system to insure there are no violations.  During this time we also check targeting and other factors to insure the campaign goes as smoothly as possible.

How long does it take for my campaign to be completely delivered? You can select your own time frame.  However we guarantee accounts will be completed within 30 days.  If you have a more urgent need, please feel free to contact us.

What if the campaign is not completed as promised? If your Category Targeted Traffic campaign is not completed within the 30 day period, we will gladly refund you the prorated balance of the account, or continue to deliver the traffic until completed in full. Please note Keyword Targeted Traffic may take longer than 30 days depending on the keywords you choose to advertise your website

Are targeted campaigns IP Unique? Yes targeted campaigns are ip unique for up to 24 hours.  Meaning the same ip will never see your ad more than once in a single 24 hour period.  Now in the event they return on their own free will your counter will pick it up, but it is not counted on our end.

What is our geotargeting countries currently offered? Currently we offer targeting to Canada, Worldwide, United Kingdom, South America, Australia, China, United States + time zones, India, Germany, European Union, Spain, Asia, Middle East, Mexico, Italy, Africa, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Netherlands, and Puerto Rico and other countries. If you have a country you would like to target that is not listed here, please contact us and we will check to see if we have visitors in that particular country.   

How many uniques (per country) can you send per day? This varies on many levels. We usually can deliver 50,000 Visitors per day. To receive a specific amount please contact us

I placed an order but was not able to enter in my website address to advertise? Please click here to enter your website information so we can set up your advertising campaign.

Do you have an Affiliate Program where I can make money promoting your services? Yes we do. We pay you 20% Commissions every week. Please click here to learn more. 







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