Affiliate Agreement

Affiliate Agreement

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1. Types of sites allowed
In order to join the APlusTraffic Affiliate Program, your website must not contain any of the following:
-Promote violence.
-Promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age.
-Promote illegal activities.
-Contain any defamatory materials.
-Violate any intellectual property rights or violate local, state, federal or other law regulation.

2. Promotion of
You will be provided all the links and banners for you to place on your website and use in your promotions.  You may not change or alter any banners provided without written permission from APlusTraffic.
Please do not SPAM. Anyone caught spamming will be immediately removed from the Affiliate Program and all commissions will be forfeited.

3. Processing of Orders
We will process all customer orders that come from your affiliate website. In order to receive commissions on their purchases, please make sure you send people to your APlusTraffic affiliate links.

4.  Referral Commissions
We will pay you 20% commission on each customer purchase from your website link.

We will pay you every week on Friday.  Once you have made $50 or more in sales for the previous week (Monday - Sunday), you will be eligible for payment. If you made less than $50, you will be paid the next week when you have made at least $50 in commissions. In the event that we issue a customer refund, we will deduct the commission amount from your commissions.

We make affiliate payments through Venmo (Paypal).

5.  Tax Purposes
For those living in the United States, it is your responsibility to keep an account of your earnings and file your Federal and State taxes based upon your earnings made through
United States residents will file a Form 1099. You can receive the forms by going to
Those living outside United States should file according to their country tax procedures.

6.  Disclaimer
-We do not guarantee any sales through your affiliation with APlusTraffic. Your success is based on your advertising efforts.
-Any confidential information including our special affiliate sales, prices etc. will remain confidential and not be used for any other purposes other than those stated in the information agreement.
-We will not be liable for any loss of revenue, special or consequential damages arising from connection to this agreement.
-You hereby agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless APlusTraffic and all it's affiliates from and against any and all claims, demands, losses, liabilities, damages or expenses whatsoever.
-We reserve the right to modify this agreement if the need arises and at which time, you will be notified of the changes and be asked to view the agreement.
-We occasionally offer Discount Coupon Codes through out the year. No commissions will be earned on affiliates that use their own APlusTraffic affiliate urls to make a purchase AND also apply the discount coupon codes. To make sure you receive commissions on every purchase you make, please do not apply any discount codes when ordering from your own APlusTraffic affiliate urls. If you refer a person through your APlusTraffic affiliate urls and the person uses the discount coupon code to make a purchase, you WILL receive the commissions on the person's purchase and your referral will also get the discount coupon code applied to his/her purchase. Please contact us if you have any questions.


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