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Current APlusTraffic Affiliates as of April 10, 2020: 986

Become an APlusTraffic Affiliate Today and you could start making $500, $1,000 or even $2,000 a week!  

How would you like to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month, marketing a service that every single website on the internet needs?

Think about it for a second. For any website to make sales or give away information, they need visitors. Even if they were giving away $1,000,000, they need visitors or no one would see their websites and that money would go unclaimed. This is why you will succeed at giving people what they already want and NEED!

It is not uncommon for an affiliate to make as much as 2-5 sales a day. There is no face to face selling or cold calls. We take care of all the selling for you. All you do is advertise your APlusTraffic affiliate link and you will automatically receive money for any person that clicks on your link and comes over to APlusTraffic to make a purchase!

This is AN INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY, because there are literally over 10 billion websites on the internet, and they are growing at a rate of 10,000+ a day. This means that almost everyday, you have new customers that want and need your service.

How much can I make?

We will pay you a very generous 20% commission on every sale you make!

Assuming you sold our average advertising package of 10,000 Visitors for $99 at 20% commissions:
Take a look at these stats:

# of Sales Frequency Commission($)/day Commission($)/week Commission($)/month
1 Day $19.80 $138.60 $594
2 Day $39.60 $277.20 $1,188
5 Day $99 $693 $2,970
10 Day $198 $1,386 $5,940

You could be making $5,940/month with just 10 sales/day of the 10,000 Visitors Package.

This could be your full-time business. Remember, the above is an example of what you could make. We cannot guarantee you will make that specific income because it depends on the effort you put into advertising your APlustTraffic affiliate link, but you could make much less or a lot more than is shown above.
The example above was just based on a $99 service. We have services from $59 - $9,999 that you would make commissions on and some services bill monthly, so you would receive recurring monthly income.


Performance Incentive

As an Added Bonus, when you make 5 sales or more in the same week (Monday - Sunday), your commission will be raised to 25% for life.

When you make 7 sales or more in the same week (Monday - Sunday) on the 25% commission level, your commission will be raised to 30% for life.


How do I view my commissions stats?

Your commissions stats reports are sent to you every Friday. However you will receive an email notification each day you make a sale (commission). 


When do I get paid?

We do not believe in paying affiliates for their efforts months down the road. 

We will pay you EVERY WEEK on FRIDAY after you have made at least $50 in commissions. 

For example, if you made $160 in commissions on Monday, $100 on Wednesday and $245 on Saturday, you will receive the total of $505 in commissions on the following Friday. 

We pay you easily online using Venmo (PayPal) so it is instantaneous.


How do I join the Affiliate Program?

We have a proven service that every website needs and you can become part of this revolution by having your own traffic service.
We fulfill all the orders, all you do is advertise and watch the money come rolling in.

To join the APlusTraffic Affiliate Program and start making $100s to $1,000s a week, just follow the 2 easy steps below:

Step 1: Read and agree to our Affiliate Program Agreement. 

Step 2: Fill out our contact form by clicking here.  In the contact form, please let us know you would like to join the affiliate program. 

Once approved for an affiliate account, you will be able to get the APlusTraffic banners and advertising suggestions.


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