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We generate Exclusive Tax Debt Leads with the following fields of information: 
First Name: 
Last Name: 
Phone Number: 
Tax Amount Owed: (5k to 9k, 10k to 14k, 15k to 24k, 25k to 49k, 50k to 99k, 100k+)

Type of Debt: (Federal, State, Federal and State) 

Once the leads are sold to you, they are not sold to any other Tax Debt company or broker. You are paying for Exclusive leads so you will not need to compete with other tax debt companies or brokers trying to contact the same person over and over again, unlike our competitors who sell the same leads they sell you, to up to 7 other tax debt companies or brokers.

All our Tax Debt Leads are exclusively generated by us through our website.

The leads are batched and sent to you in an Excel document, so you can quickly contact them

The first set of leads start being generated within 24 hours of the official start of the campaign. Leads are sent to you within 30 minutes - 1 hour of when they come in so you can achieve higher conversion rates. If you require filters on the tax debt leads we send you, each filter cost an additional $2/lead. Filters are additional information not shown in the fields of information collected above or for example a certain minimum Tax Debt of $20,000 instead of the $10,000 default minimum. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Testimonial from an APlusTraffic Client
Thank you for the lead this morning.

Is it possible that the quantity may now increase. We REALLY want it to work with you... we just need to see consistency.

BTW, we CLOSED the one you sent :)

Good job! ... Now just get us MORE! :)

 - Michael A.


Start your ad campaign in 5 easy steps:
1) Choose the number of Tax Debt Leads you would like to buy. 
2) Click the "Buy Now" button below your advertising package. 
3) I
f you have a Coupon, please click on "Have a coupon?", then enter it and click on "Apply" to apply the coupon. If you are ordering from a mobile phone or tablet, please click on the + sign to see the Coupon box. 
4) Enter payment details then click "Submit".
5) Enter your contact information.
Your campaign will start running in 1 business day.




Exclusive Tax Debt Leads

Purchase of the leads below show your agreement to our Terms.

  10 USA Tax Debt Leads                $600         ($60/lead)


  25 USA Tax Debt Leads                $1,450         ($58/lead)


  50 USA Tax Debt Leads                $2,800         ($56/lead)


  75 USA Tax Debt Leads              $4,050         ($54/lead)


  100 USA Tax Debt Leads              $5,200         ($52/lead)


  250 USA Tax Debt Leads              $12,500         ($50/lead)


 500 USA Tax Debt Leads              $22,500         ($45/lead)





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