Keyword Targeted Visitors


Delivering Your Ads:

Our Advertising System operates as a keyword targeting system through our ad delivery application. It can recognize keywords on search engines and websites. When the Advertising System sees a match between an online shopper's search and your advertising keywords, it delivers a new browser window with the advertiser's specified site to the shopper. This window appears on top of the user's current browser window and partially covers the window.

Here are 3 examples: 

Looking for good prices on cameras, a person types in "digital cameras" in a search engine. The search engine delivers a page with its usual list of search results. The Advertising System delivers a new browser window above this listing, displaying the advertiser's landing web page. The shopper can look at the search engine window and see a list of search results to decide between, or he/she can view the advertiser page ad, with pictures, special offers, and prices. Which would you choose? 

A user visiting a home business website, and when they arrive there, they are also shown a home business offer. Because the user is visiting that specific website, the Advertising System has matched the advertiser's website with the keywords that the advertiser chose to describe his site, such as "home business", "business opportunity" and so on.  We call this user a "keyword targeted visitor". The advertiser has reached a person who is interested in the service or product exactly when that person is motivated to pursue an opportunity.

An additional way of targeting is based on your target market. Because you know who your competitors are, you can reach your potential customers that are visiting your competitor websites. For example, if you were advertising a "home business opportunity", you can target people visiting,, and


We Provide a Positive User Experience
Everyone has experienced being bombarded with all sorts of online advertising. In order to keep people receptive to your advertising offers, they will only see advertisements when they do a search online with the specific keywords you are using to advertise your website.


How is pricing done?
Our pricing model is called "cost per visitor" - or CPV.  This allows you to control the frequency and reach of your advertising while using keyword targeting to identify people you want to visit your website. With CPV, delivers a consumer that is looking for your product or service at the exact time he/she needs it, which improves your conversion ratio. 

Reach 50 million customers making over 5 billion searches each month at the precise moment they are interested in your web site for as little as $0.056 per visit. is an advertising network powered by contextual marketing applications and web sites. For as little as $0.056 per unique visit, can deliver your entire web site to an extremely targeted audience.

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Assuming you had a product that people wanted and were willing to pay for and you made a $20 profit on each sale, with a 1.3% response rate (1 sale per 77 visitors) the following hypothetical scenario would result:
# of Visitors Advertising Cost Your Sales Profit Your Net Profit Return on Investment (Net Profit/Advertising Cost) x 100
750 $89 $185 $96 108%
1,400 $159 $364 $205 129%
2,100 $229 $546 $317 138%
3,900 $369 $1,014 $645 175%
7,600 $649 $1,976 $1,327 205%
10,900 $999 $2,834 $1,835 184%
20,000 $1,899 $5,200 $3,301 174%
With the above scenario, you can see how quickly you can start making money with our advertising packages. Please remember, No Traffic = No Sales. We will send you the targeted visitors to your website and all you have to do is convert them into sales. Let us send you the visitors you need so you can spend time actually running your business. This is why we have a 90% advertiser retention rate. 9 out of 10 advertisers buy a second or more keyword targeted visitor advertising package. 

Please note: does not and can not guarantee sales or leads will be generated from your keyword targeted advertising campaign.

Testimonial from a Client
"Our company has been spending over $15,000.00 per month with a competitor of yours and the results have been moderate for the price. With your pricing and guarantees we have cut our costs by $1,000's, and our subscription rates have soared! I have to admit at first I was skeptical because of your low pricing, but now you are a household name with everyone in my department."

Gale Pegan
Fitness Zone Magazine, LTD
Palm Beach, Florida

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Start your ad campaign in 6 easy steps:
1) Choose the number of keyword targeted visitors you would like to buy. 
2) Click the "Add to Cart" button below your advertising package. 
3) If you have a discount Coupon Code, please click on "Got a code?", then enter it and click on "update" to apply the code and then click on "Checkout" to proceed. 
4) Enter payment details then click 'continue'. 
5) Enter the website you would like to advertise.

6) Once your campaign has been activated, you will receive a confirmation email.

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Keyword Targeted Visitors

Your advertising campaign will begin within 1 business day.

Please Note: Your previous day's stats will be emailed to you daily by 4pm Central Standard Time. Stats from Friday - Sunday will be sent to your email on Monday by 4pm Central Standard Time. Your stats will show how many visitors your website received each day.

You will be able to choose which country you would like your website to be seen such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Worldwide, etc. in your order form notes. NEW: You can let us know which hours during the day to run your advertising campaign.

You can use an unlimited number of keywords to advertise your website. The advertising packages below show the number of visitors you will receive.


 750 Keyword Targeted Visitors  + 50 FREE              $89     



  1,400 Keyword Targeted Visitors  + 100 FREE           $159     



  2,100 Keyword Targeted Visitors  + 200 FREE           $229     

  Plus you will receive 30,000 Targeted Email Ads for FREE!



  3,900 Keyword Targeted Visitors  + 400 FREE            $369     

  Plus you will receive 60,000 Targeted Email Ads for FREE!



  7,600 Keyword Targeted Visitors  + 600 FREE            $649     

  Plus you will receive 120,000 Targeted Email Ads for FREE!



  10,900 Keyword Targeted Visitors  + 800 FREE         $999     

  Plus you will receive 240,000 Targeted Email Ads for FREE!



  20,000 Keyword Targeted Visitors  + 3,000 FREE       $1,899     

  Plus you will receive 600,000 Targeted Email Ads for FREE!







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