Paid Signups campaigns guarantee that you will receive the number of paid signups (sales or buyers) within the allotted time. If not received, you will receive a monetary refund of the paid signups not delivered within 30 days after the end of the campaign.

In order to insure the fastest delivery of your Real-Time Exclusive Leads, you will be bound by the Terms and Conditions below:

You are purchasing “Real-Time Exclusive Leads" from  A “Real-Time Exclusive Lead” is defined as a request for free information from the website submitted.  Free information can be described as

1.       Filling out a form to receive information via email

2.       Submitting a pre-enroll application

3.       Submitting an email address for inclusion in a newsletter

4.       Completing an application for a free membership

A “Real-Time Exclusive Lead” does not mean that you will receive any type of compensation or upgrade activity from a member.  Furthermore, if your website requires a person to submit multiple pages of information, or requires the person  to proceed with a confirmation process via email in order to appear in your back office, by submitting such an offer you agree that the lead information provided by is final. will also email you each leads's information that we provide you as the official count of real-time exclusive leads delivered.


Types Of Websites Accepted and how they are processed for Real-Time Exclusive Leads.

a.)    We accept websites that offer a free service or free information only.  Visitors can not be prompted to make payment of any type before completing the entire free process.  If your website does not allow a visitor to complete the entire process without prompting for payment, then your account will be removed from our system. If is going by the stats in your back office, you can not delete any leads that have come in. Deleting a single lead will result in advertising a hosted version of your website's landing page.

b.)    If your website requires a visitor to fill out multiple pages before completing any type of free registration, please note that we will recognize only the first form submission (first page of the process) and will count this as one real-time exclusive lead, regardless if the rest of the registration process is completed.  It is advised that if you have a website that has many different pages of information before completion that you create a custom lead form to use instead. is not responsible for Real-Time Exclusive Leads that unsubscribe from your mailing list. We only guarantee that Real people will fill out your form initially. It is up to your email/autoresponder offer to engage with the Leads so they will continue to receive emails from you, thus making them more likely to become a paying customer for your website.

c.)     Please note: We do not accept sites that require people to make a payment or ask for Social Security Numbers.

Changing Your URL: If you wish to change your website URL after it has received one or more leads, your campaign completion time will restart. For example, if you ordered 35 Real-Time Exclusive Leads and you have received 10 Leads and your campaign is supposed to be completed in 1 month but you decide to change your website to a different website, the completion time will start over so the remaining 25 Real-Time Exclusive Leads will be completed in 1 month.


Dispute of Real-Time Exclusive Leads.

Getting an account credit for a bad lead is easy to do but to insure that your requests are handled as soon as possible you will need to follow a few guidelines.

NOTE: Only leads with bad email addresses (undeliverable), disconnected phone numbers or phone numbers that do not have voicemails will be replaced.  However, if your website does not request a person's mandatory phone number, no replacements will be made based on phone number. 

If a real-time exclusive lead's phone number is incorrect, but the email address is correct, will consider this a valid lead since you are still able to contact the lead. Likewise, If a lead's email address is incorrect, but the phone number is correct, will consider this a valid lead since you are still able to contact the lead.

To request a lead credited back to your account, please send us the the entire lead information by email so we can attempt to contact the lead to verify the information submitted is incorrect. You will have 7 days from the date you received the lead to dispute it.  Lead disputes older than 7 days will not be honored.

Please note that lead will only be credited if we have determined that an email address is invalid.  We will do so by sending an email to the lead contact.  If we do not receive a bounce back, we will not replace the lead.  If you are disputing a phone number we will verify and replace this only if the said phone number is not in operation or the phone number does not have a voicemail for you to leave a message.  Many times, people may mistake your call as a telemarketer or other annoyance and state the person does not live there or so forth. It is important to remind the customer of your website so they can remember that they requested the information/phone call. This phone number is submitted by the visitor and will be considered valid unless there is a disconnection message. If does not deliver all leads in the alloted time, you will receive a refund of the leads not delivered within 30 days of the end of the campaign.

Inaccessible Programs.

In the event your website becomes unavailable or terminated and visitors cannot reach your website, you will have 2 days to address the issue by contacting us.  Websites that do not address the issue within 2 days may be removed from the system without any right to compensation.

- Due to the amount of orders processed daily at, if you place an order and request a refund before has been able to start fulfilling the service ordered, you will be charged a 20% Administration Fee of your purchase price when your money has been refunded, for the time and effort it takes to contact you.


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